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This page was last updated: October 5, 2010
Black Agate Slices with side Silver

Black Agate Slices with  Silver

Montana Agate Slices
Yellow Botswana Agate
Yellow Botswana Agate with Tassel
Long-Short Amythyst and Pearls
Amythyst Chain
Amythyst Silver Drop
Chain and Glass Cube
Copper Fiber Blue
Acquamarine, Appetite, Pearl
Amythyst Long
Amythyst and Purple Pearl
Blue Goldstone, 2-strand Torsade
Green Garnet and Pearl
Green Tourmaline and Art Glass

Imperial Jasper
Multi-Gemstone Briolette
Ocean Jasper Drusy
Soo Chow Horse Pendant
Soo Chow and Ryolite
Sugilite and Amythyst
Tourquoise and Mother of Pearl
Black Glass and SS Chain
Black & Grey Glass with Black Onyx Ring
Black and White Fiber
Black and White Lariat
Black, White and Red Fiber
Blue, Chain Lampwork
Blue, Orange Inside Painted Bead
Blue, Green Bugle Beads and Pearls Torsade
Multi-Blue Glass
Multi-Color Lampwork Beads
Multi-Color Resin
Graduate Purple Glass
Purple John Olsen
Purple John Olsen
Purple Lampwork
Purple Glass Link
Purple Multi-Chain Floater
Purple Multi and Art Glass Torsade
Purple Round John Olsen
Purple Glass Shell, Amythyst
Purple Venetial Glass
Purple Fuse Glass
Red, Purple Glass
Blue Coin Pearl, Appetite, Acquamarine
Blue Pearl, Mesh and Pink Topaz
Blue Pearl,and Glass

Double Purple

Flake Pearl, Antique Chandelier Drop
Glass and DiZi, Long-Short
Glass Pearl SS Links
Glass Grey Pearl with Frame
Glass Grey Pearl in Frame
Multi-Purple, Pink, Grey Pearls
Pink Pearls, Mesh, Pink Topaz
Purple Coin, Mesh and Golden Quartz
Purple Pearls and Glass
Facetted White Pearls and Brass
Coin Pearls in Frame
Coin Pearls in Frame
Tan Pearls, Mesh and Golden Quartz
Wooden Girl Tassel
Wooden Wiseman Tassel
Wooden Wiseman Tassle
Wooden Wiseman Green Pearls
Brown Kazuri and Wood
Green Porcelain Pendant